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We now come to SMC-1.                       Research work completed to May 1998 by Brian Rawson

The Autocar Mar 30th 1907 page 440, for less then 500,UK pounds, we find a 89mm X 89mm 29*hp, it seems that all other 20hp's had the 108mm stroke "ie" The Autocar Nov 10 1906 page 715, for less then 800 UK pounds. Robert Marrow, told me they had measured the Bore and the Stroke for Rebuild, so it is 89mm X 89mm and the 102mm X 108mm would be the earlier 24/30hp.  A  1906 16/20 and 24/30 Booklet give no mention of Friswell.  It would be interesting to know what cars are in the 1907 booklet that went to the UK with the car and by  which dearlership.?

        If SMC-1
is not mentioned in the  1906  Booklet, that would make the car later than May 1907.  For sure certain odds and ends put SMC-1 well into 1907.  I intend to do a programme on SMC-1 at a later date.  Facts and Figures are reasearched from the "Cars For The Year" listed prior to the UK Motor Show, and 2 Standard M/company Owners Guide books A..1911, B..1913, have been used to confirm the alphabetical list.  A book by Friswell company "A DREAM-A REALITY" shows us 2 cars the 89mm X 89mm 20 hp and 102mm X 127mm 40hp.  Autocar listing Nov 9th 1907 page 715 details are the same.

  The Daily Mail Opinions 2 months apart will help to date "A DREAM".
November 1999. For want of putting on the INTERNET !  With progress to date.  Further to the booklets 1906.+.1907 and "A DREM-A REALITY" that went with the car to the UK.    I do believe to 90% that the 1907 book is not the "A DREAM" book, but a SMC publication for the 1906 Olympia Motor Show.

That the "A DREAM" book would have been printed about April 1907.  Page 31 Autocar Mar 1907 mentions the low powered six cylinder 70mm X 82mm 15hp.. and the 88mm X 88mm 20hp = SMC ?  This maybe  "TOO" quick off the mark to be a "FRISWELL" order.   he only joined in Dec 1906.  Photo's in "A DREAM show, no one outside in short sleeves, no direct sunlight shadows, no snow, no puddles of water.  Page 28 photo of No. 1 Albuany Street, no doubt Sunday morning, with direct sunlight shadows, Standard signs on the building, there seems to be a change in the brickwork  for building 4 and 5.   Prices of Standards were brought in Coventry or London, or the company agents throughout Great Britan "ie" not the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth.  ??

Page 438 Autocar Sept 14th 1907, a photo of  Richard & Miles in a 20hp Standard, which ended up in Adelaide Oct 1909 rego Number..624..via Queensland, another Story another time!!!!

Standard car Review Number 1 1958 Page 10 & 11, 1906 Standard resurrected, {SMC-1} by   John Davy & Rober Morrow.                                         Research into this article is still in progress. The main item a 14 foot flag & the USA navy visit, will lead into when SMC-1 was First registered in Victoria.     I believe AUGUST 1907.       SMC-1 Chassis number 583, was sold to the UK late 1958/59 because it belonged to the Standard Motor Company Victoria {alas the Crosby family} not Toyota, as when the Company became AMI,   Toyota would have become part owners. Brian Rawson Nov 1999.

I invite  further  comment.     Regards   Brian A Rawson.